​The North Coast

California’s North Coast is the stuff of legend. Ranked “Third Best Place to Go” by the New York Times, the stunning Mendocino Coast and Fort Bragg area provide an abundant and diverse array of natural wonders, shops, restaurants, beaches, and local attractions near the Beach House Inn.

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Music, Dancing and Nightlife at these locations:

  • North Coast Brewing Co. - Live Music in The Sequoia Room 964-3400
  • Albion River Inn, Albion - Live Music Nightly 937-1919
  • Caspar Inn - 964-5565
  • Headlands Coffeehouse, Fort Bragg - 964-1987
  • Heritage House, Mendocino - 202-9000
  • The Hill House, Mendocino - 937-0554
  • Ledford House Restaurant, Albion - 937-0282
  • Patterson's Irish Pub, Mendocino - 937-4782
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On 3/18/2020, Mendocino County issued a “shelter in place” order. This means all non-essential travel is prohibited while in the county. During this time we are here to provide a safe and enjoyable stay for anyone who needs it. If your travel is essential, we are here to take your reservation.